Tyler Junior College

"Have a Heart" Faculty Endowed Scholarship

In 2012, the TJC Faculty Senate worked to begin raising funds for an Endowed Faculty Scholarship, and I’m pleased to report that we have met our initial fundraising goal and awarded our first scholarship last year! 

Please join us again this year as we continue work to build this lasting scholarship endowment that is awarded by the Faculty Senate on behalf of the faculty. This scholarship is based on academic merit and a financial need. 

I encourage you to join me and take this opportunity to help continue this worthwhile endowment. We look forward to building a legacy of providing our students not only with excellent academic opportunities, but also rewarding financial opportunities, as well.

Jason Waller
President, Faculty Senate 2014-2015

Short URL to this page: www.tjc.edu/FacultySenate/TJCHeartScholarship